A footprint left behind by the killer of Sonia Varaschin could prove to be as damning as a fingerprint, a forensic expert says.

“That’s a really good tip, actually,” Jim Eadie, a retired Ontario Provincial Police forensics officer, said in an interview on Thursday. “It can be just as powerful evidence as a fingerprint.”

Eadie has been qualified as an expert on footprints and footwear in court and has worked some 300 cases linking footwear to criminals. Varaschin was attacked in her Orangeville townhouse on Aug. 29 or 30, and her body was found a few minutes drive south on Sunday.

Eadie said homicide investigators in the Varaschin case have already cleared the toughest hurdle by identifying the maker of the footwear.

Det. Insp. Mark Pritchard of the OPP said this week her killer likely wore a pair of size 10 or 11 men’s boots with the Dakota or WindRiver brands, purchased at a Mark’s Work Wearhouse store.

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