Duke Of Gloucester

649 Yonge St.


Ambience: While the Duke doesn’t need students to keep its doors open — the army of regulars, many of whom are English expats, which frequent the pub would suffice — it has long been a hangout for Victoria and St. Michael’s College students. The pub is very traditional and very devoted to weekend footy, but the cosy atmosphere (the snug is a highlight) and familiar faces make it a prime university destination.

Dress code: Soccer jerseys are de rigeur, but be careful which one you choose.

Will I hate myself for spending time there when I’ve graduated and matured?: No, in fact you’ll probably be coming here more often. The difference is you’ll venture to the Duke without having attempted the Century Club or some other inane drinking game that just sounded so sensible at the time.


Will I have to deal with punks from Ryerson who couldn’t get into U of T?: Maybe a few, but most will stick closer to seedier bars near their school.

Will I get lucky?: On U of T pub nights, maybe. Otherwise pray that you don’t.

Best accessory: A wingman/ woman to help you see through those pint goggles.


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