Theresa Tayler/Metro Calgary


Barbecued turkey, Stampede style.

Metro reporter Theresa Tayler will be sampling some of the finer fare down on the grounds during this year’s Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth. She’ll tell y’all the hits and misses on the Grub on the Grounds.


It just wouldn’t be Stampede without copious amounts of barbecue.

So, to begin I dished out $12 on a massive leg of turkey. This gigantic piece of meat is probably more suited to the appetites of cowboys and calf ropers than it is to the tastes of a pansy journalist like myself — but I did my best, and finished half. It’s the kind of grub you need to work an appetite up for — perfect chow for an evening snack when you’ve been walking around the grounds all day. Carnivores with ravenous appetites will enjoy these large, smoky-tasting bird legs.