This year may have been the peak for road construction, but according to one city spokesperson, congestion should begin to ease.

David Danchuk of the city’s transportation department said in terms of new construction projects, there are no more than usual, but cited the West LRT extension as the cause of congestion.

“2010 is the most difficult year for traffic impacts on that project, and it should begin to lighten up from here to the end,” he said.

“It is kind of condensed to the west end of town and, unfortunately, the major thoroughfares out of downtown ... those are being impacted.”

Beltline resident Ryan Rumsey said he’s definitely noticed an impact on traffic in the downtown core.

“I step out of my apartment and it’s everywhere,” said Rumsey, who doesn’t drive a car but still commutes.

“I wouldn’t want to be driving a car ... but even on a scooter it’s difficult,” he said.