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Drug dealing, faking disability, excessive drinking, gunfights, pepperoni, and a shopping cart stealing racket.

Drug dealing, faking disability, excessive drinking, gunfights, pepperoni, and a shopping cart stealing racket.

Who could have guessed that these would be running gags on the most popular Canadian comedy series of the last decade? In 2001, Showcase took a risk by funding a weird mocumentary about a group of loveable low-level criminals called the Trailer Park Boys.

Today Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles are Canadian pop culture icons. The release of the gang’s latest movie Trailer Park Boys: Countdown To Liquor Day is only a few days away and since it will be the final entry in the franchise (for now), it seems like a good time to look back at some of the funniest moments in the history of The Trailer Park Boys.

1) Ricky Kidnaps Rush: Perhaps the most beloved episode of the series (for good reason) has got to be the one in which Ricky kidnaps Alex Lifeson from Rush when Bubbles is unable to get tickets to his concert. This led to a private concert for the boys and also helped transform the cult series into a nation-wide phenomena.

Best Line: “This isn’t kidnapping, I’m borrowing you for a little bit.” Ricky (while escorting Alex Lifeson at gunpoint)

2) Feeding A Dog Brownies: In one of the finest episodes from the first season, Ricky attempts to babysit his daughter and a neighbour’s dog with disastrous results. Ricky ends up getting shot by his daughter and accidentally feeding the dog a tray of special brownies. The result was a hilarious and boundary-breaking 20 minutes that helped set the tone for the rest of the series.

Best Line: “The dog is on dope, you guys are intelligent.” Sam Losco (veterinarian)

3) Know what I’m sayin?: One of the more beloved secondary characters on the series has got to be J-Roc, the incredibly white leader of the trailer park’s hip-hop community who fancies himself the next Eminem. The problem is that he doesn’t quite have the same skill or connections, but does have an irritating tendency to spawn his own catch phrases and run them into the ground. None of which are quite as entertaining as his inability to end any sentence without adding a “know-what-I’m-sayin.”

Best Line: “Why you always counting my ‘know-what-I’m-sayin’s? Are you takin’ a know-what-I’m-census?” J-Roc

4) Conky: In season four the series had reached a new level of popularity and was awarded a larger budget. As a result creator Mike Clattenburg and co. made a season filled with ambitious and surreal plotlines that expanded the possibilities of the show. None of these new developments were as bizarre or memorable as Bubbles’ hand puppet Conky that seemed to take over the show’s most lovable personality. A fan favourite and a series highlight.

Best Line: “Those were excellent negotiation tactics you used, Patrick Swayze.” Conky

5) The Hash Driveway: In season five the boys decided to conceal a massive collection of hash by melting it down into the world’s most potent driveway. Nuff said.

Best Line: All of them.

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