Tempers flared at Halifax regional council last night, as questions about transit taxes revealed larger issues left simmering for some time.

It started with a motion from Spryfield Coun. Steve Adams to reduce the local transit rate in Sambro proportionally to the cuts to community transit in the area.

But he deferred the motion at the last minute for more consultation.

“This particular item has gone well beyond the area rate that was charged to Sambro,” he said.

Adams went on to explain his understanding of a meeting with Metro Transit in April was service cuts would take place across the board.

“But I find out that it was the community transits that were being cut.”

According to Adams, the result is rate payers from Harrietsfield to Ketch Harbour are “paying an additional $72,000 for a service they’re not getting.”

Downtown Halifax Coun. Dawn Sloane quickly asked for an amendment to add in the No. 3 Manors route — which didn’t sit well with some other councillors.

“That’s not the same issue as what Coun. Adams is bringing forward,” said Deputy Mayor Brad Johns. “That’s night and day.”

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