Toronto’s 2015 Pan Am Games might already have its first loser.

If the SRT can’t be made over in time for the games, the long-awaited makeover of that part of the TTC might have to be put on ice until after 2015, said John Howe, Metrolinx vice-president of investment strategy and project evaluation.

Metrolinx has committed $1.4 billion to renovating Scarborough RT, including converting the trains to the same light rail vehicles proposed for the rest of the suburban Transit City routes. The plan includes a proposed extension to Malvern Town Centre. But the bulk of the work is supposed to be done between 2011 and late 2015.

It is “still an open question,” said Howe, whether construction could be moved up in time to carry athletes and visitors to the key venues at the University of Toronto Scarborough campus, where the aquatics centre and a sports institute would be built.

“I think we have to look at it as a potential option maintaining the existing SRT service and keeping it up and running so that it is performing that heavy-lifting function for the duration of the games,” he said, adding that would be a fallback option. “We’re just tab­ling these as options right now.”