Metrolinx hopes plan could boost ridership

What if, instead of jumping in the car, you hopped on your bike and rode a couple kilometres on a safe, treed path to the GO station?


What if you could then lock your bike in a secure storage facility, grab a shower and change your clothes in a clean, staffed locker room?


That’s the kind of transit terminal the Toronto area’s transportation agency is considering for development around the region.


Metrolinx thinks more car-bound suburbanites might be persuaded to use transit if the stations were turned into mobility hubs that create a convenient and pleasurable experience.

The hubs would be places where bus, pedestrian and bike traffic intersect with one or more forms of higher order transit such as subways, trains and streetcars.

Mobility hubs would also facilitate another trend Metrolinx wants to kick-start — more active transportation. The agency is discussing ways in which biking and walking could be seen as functional rather than purely recreational activities.