A suburban Ottawa councillor has expressed concern over the length of time it will take for express buses to come back in service.

Kanata North Coun. Marianne Wilkinson said the planned return to service is “grossly unfair for taxpayers living outside the Greenbelt.”

“It’s still a very poor program for areas like mine,” she said. “The local buses are going to be picking people up and taking them to the Transitway for buses that are going to be jam-packed. They probably won’t be able to get on a bus.”

Wilkinson said that many people in her ward won’t see normal service return for more than a month. She said she’ll recommend changes to the roll-out plan at this afternoon’s transit committee meeting.

Deputy city manager Nancy Schepers said there is very little room to modify the plan because of time it takes to book drivers.

“We’ve built in a bit of flexibility so we can make adjustments, but the basic plan is what it is,” she said.

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