At some point every Metro Transit rider has had the experience of cursing Go Time. That could soon change.

People who call the Go Time number at bus stops get the scheduled time their bus should show up. Of course, the scheduled time can sometimes be way off.

GPS systems will change all that. By now, Go Time was supposed to give you the actual times your bus was coming. The system would tap into the GPS of the bus and give you an accurate predicted time, taking into account delays.


That system was supposed to go online in 2008, but according to Mayor Peter Kelly, there were issues that pushed it back. Currently most buses have GPS systems, but not all. That’s about to change.

The municipality is in the process of buying new GPS systems so the whole fleet will be equipped.

HRM is also buying buses new cash boxes so there will be a consistent system. Right now different buses have different setups depending on the model.

“It’s to upgrade and also to make sure we standardize things and keep the same systems in place, so we don’t have a mish mash,” said Kelly.
Halifax is also getting new inflatable shelters to help with rescue operations. The shelters are mostly funded by the federal government and are to be used across Atlantic Canada when needed.
“If there’s a fire or you need temporary lodging or a cookhouse, whatever you need, these can be used for that purpose,” he said.
“This is gear that we need in the event of an (emergency) response.”

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