Travellers to Toronto beware. While Honduras has its military coup, Libya has its outbreak of bubonic plague and Thailand has its tourist extortion schemes, Toronto has, well, garbage.

Enough garbage, apparently, to make our city worthy of inclusion in a travel advisory column published in the San Francisco Chronicle that includes war zones and infectious disease hot spots.

“Garbage has been piling up around bins and residents were dumping their trash at 19 temporary dump sites, including city parks. Residents complained of the stench and visitors were surprised to see the mounds of trash throughout the city that is known for its cleanliness,” Larry Habegger wrote in his syndicated Sunday column.

Habegger told the Toronto Star he was not trying to dissuade tourists from visiting Toronto, but merely making people aware of situations that could affect their plans.

“Somebody coming to Toronto expects to see a clean city and expects to see all the great things Tor­onto has, and if they’re seeing garbage piled up all over the place and smelling the stench in the air, that will affect them,” said Habegger, who learned about the strike through a Google news alert. He said he did not speak to anyone in Toronto.

Tourism Toronto and Ontario’s Ministry of Tourism both declined to comment.

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