Dustin Large said his airline experiences have generally been good, but a passengers’ bill of rights might not be a bad idea.

The four major airlines in Canada announced yesterday the Bill of Rights for Passengers, in response to the private members’ bill proposed by MP Jim Maloway of the NDP.

The proposed bill would include a variety of passenger-friendly measures aimed at easing discomfort due to airline delays or passenger inconveniences.

Large, who was at the airport yesterday, said any bad experience he’s had, has been dealt with very well.

“I was involved with the holidays this year with all the snow and (WestJet) refunded our money right away.”

Regular flyer Scott Smith doesn’t believe that it should be introduced because it would create “more regulation of the industry.”

“Anytime I’ve been inconvenienced, like major delays, overnight stays, (the airlines) have done a good job taking care of me.”

Maloway’s proposal includes $500 to passengers on the tarmac for more than 60 minutes, compensation for cancelled and overbooked flights and requiring airlines to advertise the full price of flights.