If handling money isn’t your forté, a bad credit rating can hamper your ability to secure a loan for a small business.


Q: I’m considering a career as an adult sex worker and wanted to know if you could recommend any resources I could connect with to get some support. I want to be sure that I’m making an informed choice and that I can decide on the direction I want my involvement in the profession to go. Thanks, Jill.

A: Hello, J.B. Thank you for writing in. This is no place for moral discussions but I feel it’s my responsibility to remind you of health and safety issues as well as your human spirit as they might all be influenced by your choice of profession (according to what form of work you’ve decided to pursue — i.e., dancing, phone work, prostitution, escort work). That being said, I’ll get off my soap box and say that you’ve made the best decision to seek information first before signing up.

I was able to locate information on SWAT —Sex Workers’ Alliance of Toronto (www.walnet.org/csis/groups/swat/about_swat.html).

Call 416-921-SWAT.

This is not a government agency but is affiliated with other sex worker groups in Canada and in the United States. SWAT advocates for sex workers’ fair wages, health and safety working conditions and also educates service providers and policy makers about the needs of sex workers.

This appears to be a very inclusive, non-judgemental and supportive environment, J.B., and I’m sure you will find them useful. I also located another useful resource for you: www.womanabuseprevention.com/html/sex_worker_links.html.

Good luck with your choices. Within this diverse industry, you’ll definitely need a strong and proactive support network of community advocates and professionals to help you along the way.

Q: How can I get around starting a small business even though my credit is bad?

A: Hi, Joshua. I would first advise you to discuss this with your financial institution directly. It’s one thing if you’ve had a couple of missed or late credit-card payments but if, for instance, you have had to file bankruptcy, then you will have a mark on your credit report for seven years — something that can certainly negatively impact your ability to get a loan for your small business, get a new job and even rent property — as some landlords won’t rent to those with poor credit.

Without knowing your exact situation, your best step is to speak to your financial institution and also a small business adviser. Small Business Canada Resources is a good start — visit sbinfocanada.about.com.

Jill Andrew — CYW, BA, BA (Hons.), BEd. Please include your full name, address and telephone number when e-mailing. All letters are subject to publication.

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  • As a youth or new employee it is imperative that you are aware of workplace safety regulations. It’s within your right to decline work if it appears unsafe or exploitative in any form. Visit www.wsib.on.cafor more information.