The other day, I found myself standing in my closet with a serious case of nothing to wear syndrome.



After I had spent half an hour rummaging through an enormous pile of clothes, I eventually decided to throw on an old standby summer dress. I emerged from the closet in a fun, flirty (and maybe most importantly, forgiving) frock only to be met with unappreciative groans from my boyfriend who had been patiently waiting while I had my wardrobe-related meltdown.


“Couldn’t you wear something a little tighter?” he asked, eyeing my flowy, empire waist garment. “That looks a little bit like a tent.”


Apparently, my testosterone-fuelled roommate is not a fan of comfort over curves. I decided to keep the dress on regardless -- this was hardly the first time we had feuded over fashion.

Our most memorable clash was our war of words over the siren-red lipstick. I say sexy bombshell, he says unkissable harlot. It seems most men do not appreciate puckering up to someone with an intensely pigmented mouth.

Why do men and women have such vastly different opinions on our favourite items of clothing? I have to assume that guys don’t really care about the clothes themselves, they’re more concerned with how we look in them. Figure trumps fashion, and so the trends we find en vogue are often given a thumbs down by the men in our lives.

Looking back, we’ve all made some style faux-pas at one point or another. In the ’90s, my middle-school self had a bad perm and an even more heinous collection of French berets.

I guess I’ve always taken an experimental approach to fashion. This year alone I’ve dabbled in bold shoulder pads, floral hair bands, faux fur vests, clogs, pastel blue nail polish — hell, I even own a pair of jeggings. But more often than not, these looks are met with an eyebrow raise from a partner who doesn’t seem to appreciate my penchant for achingly trendy items.

So what fashion fad do men hate the most? UGGs. Yes, according to a recent study (and by that I mean an informal poll of my male friends and coworkers) these ubiquitously frumpy boots top the tragic trend list.

Sorry guys, but as long as there are mid-February snowstorms and icy sidewalks, you’ll find us stomping through the slush in our hideously practical footwear.