The friend of a slain teenager says a woman charged in her death displayed a blood-covered dagger and then claimed she stabbed Nina Courtepatte in the neck.

The 19-year-old accused, who was 16 when Courtepatte was killed, faces charges of first degree murder, sexual assault and kidnapping.

The young witness, who can only be legally identified as “Jane Doe” because of a media publication ban, often broke into tears and sometimes had difficulty talking during her disturbing testimony.


“She said she stuck it through Nina’s throat,” said Doe when asked by Crown about how the accused admitted to the attack.

“She sounded excited, I don’t know. She said she felt bad but she wants to do it again.”
Doe says she was lured to a golf course with Courtepatte from West Edmonton Mall in thinking they were both going to a large bush party. When they arrived in a car, Doe says she saw Stephanie Bird strike her friend in the back of the head and some of the gruesome attack that followed.

“Someone talked of a ritual of bringing someone back from the dead, I was scared…,” said Doe.
Doe says she stayed with the group at a motel days after the attack “in fear they were going to harm someone else.”

As the 18-year-old woman gave her testimony, the accused hung her head and covered her face with her long hair. She was also sometimes seen slouching behind the defendants stand.

The woman is the last of a group charged in the death of Courtepatte on a golf course west of Edmonton April 3, 2005.

Joseph Laboucan and Michael Williams are currently serving life sentences for their part in the crime.
Bird, 20, who was given a 12-year prison sentence last week, can now be legally identified because she was sentenced as an adult.


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