For Canada’s resident rock ’n’ roll filmmaker Bruce McDonald, the fact that his latest movie revolves around music doesn’t come as a big surprise. However, the second major influence on Trigger might catch audiences of guard.

“I was watching My Dinner With Andre one night and thought of doing a film about a night out with a couple of rock ’n’ rollers,” McDonald told Metro.

Louis Malle’s famous film about a single dinner conversation told in real time certainly isn’t the sort of movie that would seem like an obvious inspiration for the Hard Core Logo director, but that’s exactly why he brought in renowned Canadian playwright and dialogue expert Daniel MacIvor to write the script.

“I immediately thought of Daniel because he’s a great writer and I knew it would be a talking piece not so much a music piece,” admitted the director.

Though MacIvor had acted for McDonald before the pair had never worked together as writer/director, but had always wanted to.

“Bruce understood that I’m a talker. The movies that I write are about people talking and I’ve been criticized for that. But that’s just what I do,” claimed MacIvor who spoke about the film alongside McDonald. “That’s what this movie is all about, so I think it was a perfect fit for us.”

The almost exclusively two-character movie was written with two of the country’s finest actresses in mind (Molly Parker and the late great Tracy Wright) and their performances are worth the price of admission alone.

The two actresses, writer, and director are all longtime collaborators, making Trigger a joyful reunion for all involved and the obvious pleasure had making the film should be immediately obvious to audiences as well.

“Once people knew what we were doing they started phoning up and asking to be a part of it. So Daniel wrote parts for Don McKellar, Callum Rennie, Sarah Polley, and a few other people,” said McDonald. “It was a real love fest.”

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