Halifax Regional Police handed out Certificates of Merit yesterday to three security guards for their work in a Feb. 1 bank robbery in Scotia Square.

Chris Anstey, Sarah Poulin and Don Pritchard were working security at Scotia Square when a man made off with money from Scotiabank. Luckily, Anstey was in line behind the robber at the time.

Anstey followed the robber — who at one point turned, revealed a knife and threatened Anstey to stay back. The security guards tracked the armed robber down Barrington Street until police arrived and arrested the man.


Yesterday police chief Frank Beazley commended the three for their dedication.
“It feels rewarding. It’s great,” said Anstey.

Const. Karen Foster also received a Chief’s Commendation for performing the Heimlich manoeuvre on a fellow employee who was choking on a piece of apple last summer. Const. Ian Burke, a community response officer in North End Halifax, received the John Dunlop Memorial Award for his work with youths.