High school dancers full of dedication

They start rehearsing early in the morning, before their regular classes. Then for lunch, it's a hearty helping of more rehearsal. And when the ringing bell signals the end of classes for the day, they meet again for another few hours of rehearsal.


And there's still the usual studying, socializing and part-time jobs to keep on top of.


This is the busy, disciplined life of a Canterbury High School dance major as she prepares for the big show ó a 100 per cent student-produced, year-end dance showcase called Curtain Call.


Yeah, it's like our second home because we spend so much time here rehearsing, says Laura Gall, a dancer and one of 13 student choreographers involved in the show.


Gall, a Grade 12 student, says all the dancers and producers have logged countless hours preparing over six weeks. It's hard work, but they do it because it's their passion.

I've been involved in dance since I was 4. I just always knew that I wanted to come to Canterbury so I could dance every day, she says.

But that doesn't mean it's all jetes and pirouettes. Canterbury students in an arts discipline must maintain good grades in all academic courses, and while projects like Curtain Call earn them extra credit, it doesn't mean they're given any breaks in their regular schedule.

It's challenging, but rewarding, says Gall, who has been mapping the choreography for her piece since last summer.

She's full of praise when she talks about the commitment of her dancers, but admits it's difficult to take a vision from your mind and make it translate in the precise movements of someone else's body.

Each dance number is completely different from the next, she says, because the choreographers have all made an effort to represent parts of their own personality in the interpretation, and there are several genres of dance featured.

With so much talent and enthusiasm driving it, the end product is sure to be polished and professional.

It's less like a recital and more like something you would see at the NAC, says Gall. It's a really good demonstration of what Canterbury is all about and how dedicated the students are.

Curtain Call hits the stage tonight at 7:30 p.m., at Barrie Alexander Auditorium. Admission is $10 for students and seniors and $12 for the general public. Call 613- 731-1191 x333 for tickets.