One was paying his kids to destroy them. Another was blacking his out with a marker. And a third was squirrelling hers away in boxes.

So imagine their delight on the weekend when they watched a big brown truck eat all their old, unwanted personal papers in the parking lot of a Durham Region police station.

“This is just fantastic. Thanks for doing this,” Whitby dweller Lillian Fletcher told fraud squad officers after dumping boxes of family documents dating back to 1975 into a bin for shredding.

In a novel effort to prevent identity theft, police teamed up with Super-Shred, an Etobicoke company that destroys the force’s papers, to offer a free disposal service at two police stations.

The event was a rip-roaring success as dozens of security-conscious residents carted bags, boxes and laundry baskets brimming with papers to be slashed into tiny fragments by the blade in the truck’s bowels.

The illegible bits — enough to fill 26,100 litres when the truck is full — are sent to a recycling depot, operator Kirk Francis explained.

That’s a big relief to Fletcher and her “nervous Nellie” sister, who insisted she witness the destruction.

“I collected stuff from my family like tax returns, billings, everything that had a name and address,” said Fletcher.

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