Broken taillights, unsecured loads and improper driver qualifications were just a few of the tickets issued during a commercial vehicle safety Check Stop blitz yesterday.

The Calgary police service and RCMP joined forces with Transport Canada and other partners during the annual spring crackdown where they checked hundreds of commercial vehicles and trailers along 17 Avenue and 52 Street SE.

While many motorists were given a clean bill of safety, others had their vehicles towed away because of significant mechanical problems. They included Michael, who declined to give his last name.

“Well, this is really inconvenient, obviously, but I understand why they are doing it. I should have probably been keeping up with the truck a lot more,” he said as his truck was being towed away.

Commercial truck unit Sgt. Blake Somerset said while he knows it may be inconvenient for drivers, the Check Stops are a safety reminder for the industry.

“We’re out here just looking out for the safety of everyone on the road and I think most people are receptive to that,” Somerset said.

Officers used discretion when doling out fines, Somerset said, and driver Marcus Santos can attest to the fact.

“They could have given me over a thousand but instead it was $345. Still, I should have listened to my guys who warned me to go around the Check Stop,” he said

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