Justin Trudeau fielded questions about politics, pot and the meaning of life at Auburn Drive High School yesterday.

The MP for Papineau joined Dartmouth-Cole Harbour MP Mike Savage in speaking to an auditorium packed with students. He was in Halifax to help at a fundraiser for provincial Liberal leader Stephen McNeil.

After a short speech about civic engagement, Trudeau asked for questions. The first: what’s the meaning of life?


“The point of life is to be relevant … to know you’ve made the world a slightly better place because you’ve passed through it,” he replied. “The way you connect to your community becomes your success.”

After answering some policy questions about Afghanistan and Darfur, he was asked what he thought about legalizing drugs. He said that at a time when society is tightening rules on cigarettes and alcohol, it might be a “step backward” to legalize pot and other soft drugs.

After the talk, Trudeau told Metro he made a point of speaking to schools because of “the questions they pose, the answers I find myself giving.”

“I think young people walk out of here saying, ‘Yeah, I can get involved, I do matter. These politicians listened to me and gave me straight answers,’” he said. “My time as a high school teacher taught me the one thing you can’t do is fool students. You have to be straight with them.”

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