From Trudie Styler’s CV: Famous actress and producer. Pioneering environmental activist and rain-forest supporter. Introduced Madonna to Guy Ritchie.

All very impressive — but most people know Styler as the world’s most famous rocker-wife. Styler married Sting in 1992, though they’ve been together since 1982.

This week Styler unveils her latest project, a fitness program. Her Warrior Yoga, developed with celebrity fitness trainer James D’Silva, blends yoga, Pilates and ballet with traditional exercises. The three DVDs, with background music by — you guessed it — Sting, were recorded at the couple’s Tuscan villa. A percentage of profits from the DVDs will go towards the UNICEF Ecuador Water Project. Styler launched the initiative following several trips to Ecuador to film the documentary Crude.

Q. How do you stay in shape?

Yoga, of course! Exercise has always been an important part of my life. As a girl, I loved my ballet classes. Later on, I was captain of my school’s hockey team, and in drama school I danced jazz ballet. But after giving birth to Coco (Styler and Sting’s third child) I was introduced to yoga, and that started my 20-year love affair with yoga.

Q. What’s different about your fitness regime?

It’s based on warrior yoga, which is inspired by martial arts. We have 25-minute and 45-minute sessions that are invigorating and don’t leave you feeling like a wreck. This regime is great especially for women who are used to multi-tasking and want a physical challenge, but not competitive sports. It’s actually very relaxing.

Q. You don’t look your age. Is it important for women to look younger than they are?

If you feel younger you’ll look younger. If you have a good workout and add good nutrition to that, you have a good vehicle for your journey through life.

Beauty is about more than cosmetics and Botox; you have to approach your body holistically. You can’t put crap in your body and think that you’ll feel great. I love a piece of chocolate cake every now and then, but sugar is nobody’s friend.

Q. What’s the secret to a long and loving marriage?

I don’t know what the secret is, but Sting and I laugh at the same things, we’re good friends, and we’re honest with each other.