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In 1996 Mark Singer, journalist and staff writer for the The New Yorker, received an assignment from his editor to write a profile about a businessman in the New York City real estate world.

“You’ll love him!”, the editor said to Singer.

That’s how he becameimmersed in the world of Donald Trump for six months and wrote the profile called “Trump Solo.” The piece isconsidered one of the best and most detailed journalistic works on the current president of the United States.

Twenty years later, following the presidential candidacy of Trump, the profile became relevant again, now available in a book called “Trump and Me.” In it Trump is described as egocentric, megalomaniacal, narcissistic and mentally imbalanced, “a man without soul”, as Mark Singer described in an interview with Metro.


After Trump’s first decisions as president, such as the construction of a border wall with Mexico, the suspension of the TPP agreement, the cut of funding to abortion programs abroad, the most controversial has been his travel ban ofseven different Muslim majoritycountries.

This triggered a wave of protests, and several federal judges dismantled Trump’s measure and allowed people trapped in airports to enter the country.

In Singer's opinion, Trump is a puppet of his main advisers, Steve Bannon, chief strategist, and Michael Flynn, retired lieutenant and director of the Defense Intelligence Agency.

“They are playing with Trump, but Trump’s ego doesn’t allow him to recognize that they are playing with him”, Singer said.

He added: “Trump has a little bit of information. ‘I know everything. I’m smart.' He is so ignorant because he doesn’t read, he just watches television. He doesn’t read books! He spends hours watching TV every day. Every day!”

For Singer, his decisions are a product of his insecurity as a person:

“As long as this government goes on this way, there will be people on the street,” Singer said. “This is like nothing we have ever seen before. We have seen this in other countries, and now we have it here. And we have a lot of constitutional protections, but we need them all."


What is you opinion about Trump’s first days in the Office?

A friend of mine said on Twitter last Saturday 'This first year of Trump administration has been exhaustive.' The first week felt like a year. People never know exactly what Trump is going to do next, and from my experience, he is going to create chaos. That’s what drives him. He tells lies, of course, all the time. It puts journalists in a very difficult position to keep up, of course.

How different is this Trump than the one you met 20 years ago?

It was difficult to imagine 20 years ago any of thesecircumstances. I never thought that Trump would be elected. Even last November i didn’t think he would be elected. Twenty years ago I was dealing with a clown. I think Trump now is more childish than the Trump I saw. This Trump is a child. He is an angry child. I thought I was dealing with someone more in command, even when I knew he wasn't in control.He has no soul. I knew that because he was and he has been hurting a lot of people, even some people who he has business with. He is really a monster.

What was the main characteristic that most impressed you about Trump’s personality?

Something that impressed me was his ability to not be a person. He has this character, “Trump”, that he shows to the rest of the world. And he doesn’t even want to know when he is looking in the mirror who he is. He is projecting this and I never met anyonelike that. And that is still intact. It's all about this thing that he projects but it's not a thing that anyone with human relationships really does. I don’t believe this allows him to be empathetic.

-Felipe Herrera Aguirre

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