President Donald Trump has raised millions toward his bid for reelection.Reuters

Just one month into 2017, and President Donald Trump is already looking ahead to 2020. More specifically, his reelection.

According to Politico, Trump finished 2016 with $16 million in the bank, raised by the president's three committees. That includes $11 million raised in December alone.

Trump's campaign — one of the three fundraising committees — will continue to be run out of the Manhattan Trump Tower; the president is also maintaining a limited campaign staff there, which will maintain and grow his list of donors and supporters.

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Unlike the previous presidents, who transitioned their political operations to their respective national party committees. George W. Bush worked through the Republican National Committee, and Barack Obama formed a nonprofit housed in the Democratic National Committee. Trump, meanwhile is reportedly riding on the success of his upset win over challenger Hillary Clinton to mobilize donors now.

On the day of his inauguration, Trump also filed a letter to the Federal Elections Commission stating that he met the "legal threshold" for filing for reelection; the letter does not state Trump as a formal candidate.

While the mogul-turned-politician is certainly making moves toward 2020, his popularity among voters is declining substantially. As of Wednesday, Trump's "favorable" score hovered just below 50 percent nationwide, according to data from RealClearPolitics. On Election Day, he was at 58.5 percent; and the week of April 11, 2016, was the highest it has ever been: 64.5 percent.

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