In her time of crisis, to whom does Carrie Prejean turn? Donald Trump, reports. De-crowned and allegedly tagged in eight sex tapes, Prejean has been calling up the mogul for advice, reports the New York Post.

Trump, the owner of The Miss Universe and Miss USA pageants reportedly isn’t feeling too sympathetic. “Maybe,” he told one Post source, “she should become a major porn star, make millions of dollars, and give it to worthy causes.”

Of Prejean’s conduct during a Larry King Live taping last week — she called King “inappropriate” and threatened to walk off set — Trump told Access Hollywood “I thought it was very strange and very sad, actually … (Prejean) is a person who sometimes behave inappropriately. It’s a very sad situation.”

Through her lawyer, Prejean has refused to comment on the growing sex tape controversy. Prejean previously said that the first sex tape to show up was “the biggest mistake of my life.”