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Trump picked as debate winner in Metro poll

The GOP candidate was declared victor by 61.7 percent of the 648 readers who participated in the unscientific poll.
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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump apparently could do no wrong in the debates, according to the results of Metro’s unscientific, online polls.

Trump won the third and final debate, said 61.7 percent of those who submitted votes online. Democrat Hillary Clinton was declared the winner by 34.7 percent.

Only 1.4 percent proclaimed the debate a tie. And 2.2 percent chose the “I didn’t bother watching” option.

The online poll attracted 648 responses.


The polling method is clearly unscientific, but only one vote is accepted per computer.

Only one participant chose to include a comment.

“He is not fit to be dog catcher, let alone president,” wrote Gary Spino. “He is mean, inexperienced and vindictive.”

Though Trump prevailed in all three Metro debate polls, his margin of victory declined slightly.

Metro’s online poll after the first debate attracted the largest number of participants: 2,128. Trump was deemed the winner of that debate by 63.4 percent of the readers who voted.

Interestingly, 21 percent of those who participated in the first poll did so from outside the U.S. Votes were recorded from 54 other countries, including Russia, Malaysia and South Africa.