While many Americans were sleeping late or deciding where to go for brunch, President Donald Trump began his Saturday with a Twitter rant about the “dishonest” media.

He said the “failing” New York Times was “wrong about me from the very beginning” with its prediction that he would not win the presidency. “FAKE NEWS!” he wrote.

Two more tweets, with two typos, followed, and also called out The Washington Post, with Trump saying his coverage in both has “been so false and angry” that the Times apologized to its “dwindling subscribers and readers.”


The Times responded, via Twitter, naturally, that its readership is “at all-time highs. Supporting independent journalism matters.”

Trump’s rant comes on the heels of his chief strategist Steve Bannon telling the Times that the media is the “opposition party” that “should keep its mouth shut.”

Despite being urged to use the offical @POTUS Twitter account, Trump's rant on Saturday was under his @realDonaldTrump handle.

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