Protesters show their opposition during "Not My President's Day" in Chicago.Getty Images

You got me, Donald. I confess. I am an enemy of the people—some of the people, that is.

I’m an enemy of the ones who think that facts are made of Silly Putty, that insults are a way to make friends, that immigrants make our country weaker, that judges are only “so-called,” that Sweden’s the latest terror tragedy and that Russian’s thuggish Vladimir Putin is a really, really swell guy.

Yes, I’m definitely an enemy of them.

Like most of us in what Donald Trump relishes in terming the “fake news media,” I’m a call-’em-like-I-see-’em type, someone who will never sit silently and allow a pandering politician to award himself straight-As.


“A well-oiled machine?” More like a demolition derby—and Donald’s blindly driving all the cars.

The reason we won’t stay silent is a simple one, and the First Amendment to the Constitution is only part of it. There’s a more practical part: We know how to tell the truth, and he doesn’t. The way things are going one month in, we “enemies of the American people” will never get to rest.

So much happened this weekend, two days wasn’t nearly enough to hold it all. We had to add a third one, which people immediately began calling Not My President’s Day. At rallies across America, in Europe and beyond, people had a much-needed chance to review: The president’s “enemies” crack. The “terrorist” refugees in Sweden. Vice President Mike Pence’s Please-Don’t-Listen-to-Donald speech at the NATO summit in Munich. A new general, a better general, in as national security advisor, replacing the Russia-loving Mike Flynn. The giant sigh of relief that uber-hawk John Bolton didn’t land that important job, then a gasp when Trump promised to find him another.

As with Memorial Day, you couldn’t say Happy Not My President’s Day. This first national holiday of the Trump administration was something to commemorate more than celebrate.

Taken together, the crowds at the anti-Trump rallies were far larger than the one that gathered for a Trump campaign pep rally on Saturday in Melbourne, Florida. And with each loud cheer, the “enemies list” grew a few names longer.

Metro columnist Ellis Henican is a seasoned observer of the nation’s political and social landscape. He has appeared as a commentator on CNN, MSNBC and Fox News.

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