Truro town council wants the public to know opinions voiced by the mayor in regards to homosexual activity on Wood St. do not reflect their own.

“In conversation with my fellow councillors I understand ... the concerns related to public safety and illegal behaviour in the area. Recent opinions expressed in (the Truro Daily News) do not reflect the views of council,” deputy mayor Greg MacArthur said in a press release issued Friday night.

MacArthur was referring to comments made by Mayor Bill Mills to the Truro Daily News on Tuesday, a day after Truro town council discussed possibly closing a portion of Wood St. Mills’ comments to the paper made reference to the area being a meeting spot for gay men in addition to the importance of keeping the location – which houses the town’s watershed and is a popular spot for cross-country skiing – safe.


Council held a special one-hour meeting Friday night to stress Mills’ comments about homosexual activity in the area was not council’s views. Mills was the only one absent from the meeting.

“He chose not to come,” MacArthur said shortly after the meeting. “Councillors wanted to make it known that what the mayor said is not our view ... in relation to bringing up gays. When the mayor speaks, sometimes people think it’s council’s words. And we are not slamming any residents.”

MacArthur said despite the controversy, there isn’t a “rift” between the mayor and councillors.
MacArthur said council will consider a policy to close a portion of Wood St. during the January 2010 council meeting.

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