A Truro man who tried to entice three teenage males to have sex with him was sentenced this week to 90 days in jail.

Walter James McLean, 47, was also warned to change his behaviour or be prepared for a stiffer sentence in the future.

“I don’t know what caused Mr. McLean to commit the offences,” Judge John MacDougall said, “but if he doesn’t sort it out, he will be going to jail for a much longer period of time.”


McLean pleaded guilty in February to three counts of inviting individuals under age 14 to touch him for a sexual purpose.

Court heard that on separate occasions between August and October last year, McLean invited three boys, all aged 13, into his apartment.

After watching television for awhile, McLean asked each of the individuals if he could perform oral sex on them. In at least one case he had provided alcohol to his underaged victim.

The 90-day jail term was part of a joint sentencing recommendation between the Crown and defence attorneys.

He also received two years’ probation, must provide a DNA sample and his name will be added to the sexual offender registry.

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