Truro police are investigating an allegation that Mayor Bill Mills committed a hate crime when he addressed activity atop Wood Street at Victoria Park.

Darryl Moir, a gay man who made the complaint Monday, said he felt “totally offended” by comments the mayor made last week regarding homosexual activity.

“We will let the law of the land actually determine whether he has committed hate crimes against the gay community or not,” Moir said.


Moir decided on the weekend to sell his home and terminate a lease to move his costume shop to a Prince St. location. He is now looking at moving to New Glasgow.

“I don’t feel safe living in this community,” he said. “I think I would feel safer and more content living somewhere else.”

He has contacted the mayor, council members, chief of police and the provincial minister of municipal services.

“Bill Mills can end the entire thing by stepping down,” said Moir, who has lived in Truro for the past 17 years.

A week ago, the town introduced a street closure policy for the top of Wood Street with little indication why.

Mills said the area has a reputation as a favourite pickup spot for homosexuals and that the issue would be addressed the same way if the site was a pickup spot for heterosexual individuals.

Town councillors have said they do not support the mayor’s comments, but Mills told a Truro radio station on Sunday he had no regrets.

Truro Police Service Chief David MacNeil confirmed a member of the public lodged a formal complaint for a hate crime Monday morning.

“We have indeed received a complaint from a member of the public and we have opened up an investigative file and an officer has been assigned the file,” MacNeil said.

Police will investigate the complaint, gather evidence and determine, in collaboration with the Crown, if charges are warranted.

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