Kindness breeds more kindness.

A Calgary woman has opened up a trust account in support of the victim who stopped to help a man earlier this week and was punched in the face and had her car stolen.

“I know this young lady and she has a big heart. I’m very proud of her for stopping and trying to help and I wish there were many people like her,” Masha Mashtakova said.

The victim was assaulted in the city’s northwest early Monday morning when she tried to help a man who was involved in a car accident. The man allegedly punched her in the face and then stole her car.

“I just want to help her any way I can. She needs to have dentist work because the guy broke her front teeth and her car needs to be fixed, if possible,” Mashtakova added.

Calgary police Det. Asif Rashid said the victim is trying to cope.

“She is very traumatized because she lives in the community and she was trying to be a Good Samaritan. She suffered significant injuries requiring a dentist,” he said.

Police no longer believe alcohol was a factor and said the suspect seemed to be in a “heightened emotional state.”

Police have laid several charges against Abdulhafid Mohamed Hfuda, 21.