Premier Dalton McGuinty understands it is difficult for some, but said people must trust the OSPCA’s decision to euthanize some 350 animals.

“It’s very painful for those who have to watch from the sidelines, but I think we have to have confidence in our experts,” said McGuinty.

Frank Klees, the Conservative MPP for the riding where the shelter is located, said the government should stay the society’s decision.

The government said it does not have authority over the body.

An OSPCA official told media outlets Tuesday that about 20 animals would be spared from euthanization, and other animals may be euthanized on a case-by-case basis.

No one from the society was available for comment yesterday.

The society blames the outbreak on human error. Protocols for identifying ringworm in animals were not followed, but the oversight was not wilful, it said.

Six staff members were also infected as was a family member of one employee, which prompted fears from the society that the infection could become a public health concern.

The branch will undergo a thorough cleansing and an inspection to ensure the ringworm is eradicated before it reopens for adoptions, the society said.

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