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Try a rotisserie for your automobile

This week's picks for great gifts for the car-lover.

Bolts lost their edge?
Just one bolt that can’t be removed because the head has been rounded off is enough to ruin your day.

After all, it couldn’t be removed when the head wasn’t rounded off, or it wouldn’t be rounded off. A solution is at hand from Better Tools and Fasteners, manufacturers of the Grip-Tite Super Sockets. The tool set can perform miracles on your rusted or damaged bolts by actually removing them.

Prices begin at about $25 US for the seven-piece set.
To learn more about the Grip-Tite line, visit www.mygriptite.com for more information.

Try a folding trailer
Utility trailers are a big help transporting your classic, racing, or off-road vehicle to the next big event.

However, not everyone has a place to put the trailer when it’s not in use. Kendon Industries has the solution with its FCT3000 Folding Car Trailer. This particular 1,400-kilogram-capacity model folds up into a five-by-eight-foot area, allowing it to be easily stored in most garages.

Get yours for $4,195 US through the Kendon Industries at www.kendonusa.com.

Just roll with it

For serious do-it-yourself restoration, placing your car’s basic structure on a “rotisserie” allows you to easily attack cleanup and body repairs from virtually every angle.

One of the most effective versions the Top Gear crew has seen is the Roller Hoop from DSK Auto Products. The hoops can be easily rotated through 360 degrees and moved about the shop floor on their own optional detachable wheels.

Prices begin at about $1,400 US and can be ordered through www.rollerhoop.com.

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