The weave shoe trend
Last month I got to see this amazing Bata shoe exhibit in Edmonton and I could not stop thinking about this one French straw-weave platform shoe from the 1940s that was featured.

The shoe led me on a mission to find a great weave shoe, and lo and behold there’s great selection of leather and straw weave shoes out there.

First off, if you’re going to buy a high-heeled shoe this spring, look for a platform; they’re not only very popular for the season but they help with height and stability. Make sure the weave is made out of leather, it’s much more durable than synthetic fabrics and it’s better to spend money on something that will last.

Fashion Jewelry
I’m definitely feeling this Moroccan-inspired trend I’ve been seeing on the runways and in stores for spring.

The look can be achieved with over-layered necklaces, bright beads toned down with patina metals and delicate wire filigree.

Some of the colours to look out for are burnt orange, deep red and turquoise. Moroccan-inspired jewels are beautifully eccentric in design so show them off properly and proudly with simple clothing pieces like block colour caftans or linen white shirts or pants.

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Ask Kim
Q. The rubber tip of my heel has worn off and now I can see the screw! These are my favourite shoes and I know they are no longer available, what do I do?

A. Don’t throw them out; they’re salvageable! Take them to the nearest cobbler and get the tip replaced. If you walk on pavement, buy a heel protector, it’s basically a rubber or plastic cap that goes on over your heel. You can purchase heel protectors at dance shops or online at

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