We once believed the computer would ease our workloads, but it hasn’t turned out that way. Office workers have had to learn how to multitask. The workers left behind after downsizing have to do the work of three; consequently, nothing gets done properly and stress leave is routine.

Before reaching for the disability forms, or trying to pry off the lid on a bottle of ibuprofen, there may be another way: introducing desktop yoga.

This doesn’t mean you need to spend 20 minutes a day spread-eagled in front of the photocopier. All it takes is a breath of air. Here is a simple exercise:


  • Breathe deeply into the bottom of your stomach, watching as your belly expands like a balloon. Your shoulders might even crack as new air replaces the old.

  • Then breathe out slowly.

  • Repeat this process for at least one minute.

  • Close your eyes if you can, and try to take deeper, slower, longer breaths every time.

From the editors of alive magazine


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