Students with a keen love for Harry Potter are underway in getting a Quidditch athletics club sanctioned by the University of Calgary.

Equipped with Quaffles, Bludgers and a Snitch, this club-to-be has fused basketball, dodgeball and capture the flag into one sport, making their version of Quidditch work.

Currently, 40 people have shown interest in the club and are ready to sign up.

“It’s definitely going to be a lot of fun,” said Paul Hamnett, founder of this “Muggle” Quidditch club.

“I think it’s going to be quite successful.”

All players must play while a broomstick rests between their legs, which adds a challenge when chasing after the living snitch (a fast runner wearing a gold T-shirt).

Once the students’ union at the U of C approves this club, tryouts and the beginning of the Quidditch season will commence.

“We all really love Harry Potter,” said Hamnett.

“It will be a fun activity and it’s not just any normal sport.”

The first game is on Nov. 11 at noon at the Olympic Oval, and anyone can show up to play.