The heat was on the minds of many parents who dropped off their little ones for the first day of school Thursday.

“I think that’s what everybody is talking about,” said Jennifer Palmer, who dropped off her son, Charlie, at Oxford School.

“I thought for sure they cancelled it and I was shocked when they didn’t.”

Oxford principal Joe Morrison said the school has lots of fans in the building, and they will make use of their cool basement.

“We’ll likely keep them in at recess because they’ll tend to run around and get hot,” he said.
Ezekiel Loty, 5, looked a bit nervous for his first day of primary. He told his dad he thought school was about toys and movies.

“It’s the first time for him to go to school. He’s excited to be with his (older) brother,” father John Loty said.

“It’s been two months on break and it’s been a challenge to make sure everything is ready for them to go back to school and waking them up in the morning,” he added.

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