This week’s expected heat wave is starting to look more like a heat tsunami.

The temperature is forecast to hit 31 C in Vancouver today, but according to the Weather Network it’ll feel like 41 C when the relative humidity is factored in.

If at the end of the day you notice you’re running low on sunscreen, it’s a good idea to pick up some more on your commute back because tomorrow is going to be another scorcher.

The temperature is again expected to hit 31 C with a humidex of 39 C with no respite the following day.

Wednesday is forecast to feel even hotter with the mercury reaching 31 C and expected to fell like 42 C.

Thursday and Friday will be slightly less hot, with highs of 29 C and a humidex of 38.
On Saturday, finally, isolated showers are forecast to cool this hot city down.

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