Giambrone insists that fare hikes are still on their way

The TTC has put the brakes on service improvements that would have relieved crowding on the system this fall, but has delayed until Sept. 12 a decision to shut down the Sheppard subway, eliminate 21 underused bus routes and hike fares by up to 25 cents.


Riders shouldn’t kid themselves, though. Cuts and higher fares will come when the TTC reconvenes, said chair Adam Giambrone.


Denying that the proposed cuts are scaremongering to pressure the province into bailing the city out, Giambrone said the TTC needs to take some time to consult the community and study the impact of changes.


Cancelling the fall expansion will save only about $6 million this year but would translate into $40 million next year. But that’s still not enough.


The TTC has been told to trim $30 million from its budget.

Taxes cancelled

  • The proposed cuts are a consequence of council’s decision last week not to pass two new taxes that would have raised $356 million, said Mayor David Miller.