Expanded services kick in Sunday

For more than two years, TTC riders have complained about watching overcrowded buses fly past their stop as they stand waiting in bad weather for a vehicle with room to board. But that should start to change this Sunday, when the bulk of an unprecedented service expansion kicks in on 77 bus and streetcar routes across the city.



The TTC announced yesterday that 43 overcrowded, under-serviced bus routes and three of the city’s busiest streetcars will have more service during rush hours, off-peak times and on weekends. A further 31 routes are slated for increased service before summer.



And in the fall, bus and streetcar routes will begin running as long as the subway does — from about 6 in the morning to 2 a.m. — bringing Toronto’s transit service back to a level not seen since the 1980s.

Among the busiest routes that will become more rider-friendly this weekend are the 29 Dufferin bus, the 133 Neilson route and 36 Finch West.

cost of improvements

  • The overall improvements will cost $21 million this year and $56 million in future years.