Taken aback by the amount of token hoarding following its decision to raise fares in January, the Toronto Transit Commission has suspended most token sales and reverted to tickets as a temporary measure.

The new, temporary tickets go on sale today. While tokens won’t be sold, they can still be used.

TTC chair Adam Giambrone said the commission could have lost $5 million had it not suspended token sales.

But critics said the TTC should have been better prepared to manage its own fare increase without taking the drastic step of cutting off token sales.

“A billion-dollar corporation should be able to plan and anticipate events such as these,” said Coun. Denzil Minnan-Wong.

Riders have always hoarded tokens when fare increases are feared, and hoarding started in early November. The TTC then limited token sales, first to 10 per purchase, then to five.

Giambrone acknowledged the TTC could have handled the increase better, however.