Blind lawyer wins rights ruling

Two years after the TTC was ordered to announce all stops on its subways, the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal has given the transit system a month to do the same on buses and streetcars.

The tribunal ruled yesterday the TTC violated the rights of blind lawyer David Lepofsky by failing to call all stops on surface routes. It was given 15 days to come up with a plan to train drivers and enforce the new policy.

Two years ago, following a 10-year fight by Lepofsky, the same adjudicator, Justice Alvin Rosenberg, ruled TTC personnel had to call each subway stop until an automated announcement system could be installed.


Yesterday, Lepofsky said it was outrageous it’s taken the TTC so long to expand the policy above ground. “This case was so obviously a loser that they should not have fought it,” he said.

“I hope, given our city’s budget problems, the TTC won’t spend any more of the taxpayers’ dollars fighting this or appealing, and that they put their effort instead into properly serving TTC patrons with disabilities like mine,” he added.