TTC riders will be able to board the subway for a discounted cash fare if tickets aren’t available at collector booths, transit officials say.

However, the deal isn’t being offered to commuters who take buses and streetcars, despite the fact some independent ticket retailers have run out of tickets and aren’t being restocked as quickly as usual.

“If you wanted to get on the subway, and the collector doesn’t have the tickets, you would pay the cash fare equivalent of $2.25,” said TTC spokesperson Brad Ross, adding the discount has been a longtime part of transit policy.

But riders taking the streetcar or bus will have to pay the regular $2.75 cash fare, Ross said, because the commission simply can’t tell who intended to buy tickets or passes.

In the past few days, some subway stations have run out of tickets because collectors hadn’t ordered enough. But as of Thursday morning, all stocks had been replenished, Ross said.

With stations’ fare supplies back to normal, Ross said the TTC will focus on restocking the 11,000 or so independent retailers that sell tickets.

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