Metropass users, bracing for new parking fees at TTC lots starting tomorrow, are crying foul over the transit system’s decision to allow its 12,000 employees to continue using 13 lots for free.

“If they get it for free, why wouldn’t we?” said Emesh Aube, one of the TTC patrons behind an online petition protesting the fees for Metropass holders, who traditionally have used the lots for free.

The TTC says the employee parking is justified because many of its workers get the system up and running, so they’re starting their day before transit alternatives are available.

“The objective is that we want our employees to get to work so they can begin service for our customers. Our employees have, over the years, been permitted to use the lots with their employee passes. We felt as an employer it was important to maintain that relationship with them,” said TTC spokesperson Brad Ross.

The TTC notified all its employees that their parking privileges were under discussion in a Feb. 12 memo. It stated the parking privileges can be revoked with 14 days’ notice or if the customer demand for the space increases or when the current collective agreement with the TTC’s 9,500 unionized workers expires.

The TTC announced last year that it would begin charging Metropass users, who previously had free access to its 30 parking lots, between $2 and $12 a day.

Parking lots that are free for TTC staff
• Downsview
• Islington Cordova and Main
• Kipling North and South
• Finch East and West
• Wilson Main, South and West Yorkdale
• Warden North
• Kennedy Main