Re: “TTC wants ill, injured back to work sooner,” Mar. 19:


As an employee of the commission, it’s with much disgust that I read of this new TTC initiative to encourage our members back to work quicker so that they may save a few bucks.


The TTC may have lost $20 million annually the past few years but I lost a leg due to cancer and survived a deadly bout of Infective endocarditis, which is associated with a 25 per cent mortality rate. It was with great disdain that I was called at home to verify if I would be able to return to work in some other capacity on a regular basis while recovering from a soft tissue sarcoma that took my left leg. When I did come back, I was informed that my request for short-term disability was denied. I actually was placed in financial hardship when I simply wanted to become part of the real world again.


It can be a great place to work, if you don’t get sick.