New initiatives will be best in North America

It already takes 1 million cars off the road each day. Now the TTC wants to become the greener way.



The commission’s proposed environmental plan would make the TTC the greenest transit system in North America by 2020.


Moving toward greener buildings, fuel and vehicles will come at a price, but the investment will pay off in a cleaner city and lower operating costs, said TTC chair Adam Giambrone yesterday.

"It’s something Torontonians expect. They’ve been asking for the city to meet commitments to reduce our environmental footprint. This plan does that."

Although it’s being outdone in some areas — Calgary leads on using green energy for its light rail system, and New York has a solar-powered station at Coney Island — the TTC’s green plan is ambitious, according to Giambrone.

"We checked with other transit systems. We will exceed, by far, any other standard in North America. There is nobody that is doing all these things," he said.

The cost of initiatives such as green roofs won’t be known until designs are done.

TTC vs. city

  • Parts of the TTC proposal are more ambitious than the city’s own environmental plan.