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Tumblr asks, is Ryan Gosling cuter than a puppy?

This is probably the hardest question anyone has ever asked us.

There are two things we hear too much about these days: weird Tumblrs and Ryan Gosling.

While we maybe sometimes doodle his name in a heart like a love struck schoolgirl or plan fights hoping Ryan Gosling will magically appear to break them up, we also recognize that the Gosling hysteria is a little much. While everything about him is, well, perfect, at the end of the day he’s just another hunky actor.

That is, until we saw this.

Be still my beating heart.

Ryan Gosling and puppies? This is just too much cuteness to handle.

This blog was immediately emailed to a number of our lady friends all responding with drawn out ‘awws’ and ‘so cute!’ We’re still not sure if they’re referring to the puppies or Ryan.

So, can you answer the question, friends? Who is cuter, Ryan Gosling or a puppy?

As for our answer: TBD. In any other situation we'd pick the puppy in a heart beat, but please, the way these photos are actually making our hearts beat, R.Gosling is undeniable.

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