A former federal NDP candidate from B.C. plans to sit across the street from the party’s convention in Halifax Friday morning with a sign that reads: ‘I was banned from the convention. Ask me why.’

Dana Larsen, a marijuana advocate who ran as an NDP candidate during 2008 federal election, claims he was escorted from Halifax’s World Trade and Convention Centre Thursday on allegations he tried to buy delegate votes.

NDP national director Brad Lavigne confirmed Larsen was deregistered as a convention delegate earlier in the week.


“On a series of websites, he’s been providing financial inducements for individuals to vote a certain way,” said Lavigne. He added “bribes for votes” is in conflict with the culture of democracy within the party and could put the NDP at risk under the Income Tax and Elections acts.

Larsen, who resigned as the NDP candidate for West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast in 2008 after a YouTube video surfaced of him driving while on acid and pot, said he never intended to get anyone to change their vote.

He contends he posted an offer online to help NDP delegates, who are already supportive of drug policy reform, with their travel and lodging expenses.

Larsen said he paid $2,000 on his credit card to cover some expenses.

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