Setting out food in pre-measured portions like these low-fat scalloped potatoes helps you control what you eat – and looks great too!


It’s easy to have your Christmas cake and eat it too without going overboard, says Mike Haddow, co-owner of LitenUp gourmet delivery meal service. "You can enjoy a traditional turkey dinner and cut out tons of carbs and fats by doing a few simple things," he advises.

Start by roasting just a turkey breast to eliminate the dark meat and all the extra fat.

For a tasty low-fat stuffing, toss whole wheat bread, dried fruits and walnuts in a mix of onions, carrots and celery sautéed in olive oil. Moisten with chicken broth and skim milk. Roast in an open casserole for one hour at 375 degrees, stirring once.

Prepare gravy early, refrigerate it and skim off the fat to get rid of 75 per cent of the fat content. Haddow suggests cooking the roast and gravy the day before. "Reheat it in the oven in gravy and it will all come out just as moist and delicious as if you did it that day."

Try mixing your mashed potatoes with cauliflower (half and half). You won’t taste the difference and you’ve cut calories in half. Or try carrots with sweet potatoes. Use skim milk and fresh herbs in traditional favourites like scalloped potatoes.

Trim it up with a colourful mixture of fresh roasted vegetables. Take carrots, parsnips and squash and cut them into cubes. Toss in olive oil, herbs and maple syrup. Roast at 375 degrees for one hour.

And for dessert, Mike says "with a healthy meal like this, you can eat what you like. Just control your portions."

For those who are looking for a simple solution to healthy holiday eating, LitenUp offers a holiday home meal delivery service with a choice of slow-roasted chicken or AAA prime rib roast beef, starting at $24.99 per person. For information visit

Top tips for healthy holiday eating:

  • Use whole wheat breads and high-fibre ingredients.

  • Use olive oil instead of butter in cooking.

  • Offer healthy side dishes like salads with low-fat dressing.

  • Set out food on platters in pre-measured portions.

  • Trim the excess fat off roasts and brush with an herb-flavoured olive oil.

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